Its 7 AM on Spring Break

So its 7 AM and I’ve been up in the living room for about two hours. My “Domka” decided he was going to try something before I went to bed. And, I’ll admit, it was pretty freaking awesome and amazing that he wanted to please me in this way. Too bad I didn’t speak up and say that I would have enjoyed WATCHING him get to his climax and letting me swallow. Because, yeah, you better believe that was weird.

But we live and we learn.

So why am I in the living room? Because I hate disturbing Domka’s sleep and I hate that I embarrassed the hell out of him. So I’m in a bad head space.

I guess a little introduction is in order.

My name is Rebecca. I’m a sophomore in college and my major is ASL interpretation. I am also, up until VERY recently, a closeted sub. And while I’ve obviously come out, I was raised in a very religious family, where sex had to be very vanilla and NEVER spoken of. So naturally I’m a big old prude until I’m comfortable. Which, as a Scorpio, takes a WHILE. So why am I so comfortably sending my private thoughts and emotions out into the web? Because its not like I know you folks and you folks don’t know me. That whole, safety with strangers.

Anyway. I’m going to be putting up stories. Some real, some fantasies, all of them smut. Heck, you might even get to see some of my real life adventures with my Domka.

PS. Domka is the name my master and I have agreed on for me to call him as his pet or when I want to be played with.


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